Rotten Manor is Southeast Michigan's newest, most terrifying haunted attraction.

Boasting the largest, most realistic custom structures of any attraction in Michigan, Rotten manor is a highly-detailed, theatrical, and immersive experience in fear.

Two full 35-45 minute attractions, Rotten Manor, and Rotten Asylum/ Forest.  The crew is once again working hard to give you one-of-a-kind sets, scares, and terrifying new features.

 New for season 3 was our Midway, boasting old school carnival games, casket ride, photo-op, and concessions.  Entertainment while you wait.   

2018 Season 4, we have new additions to the Midway, a new game, and 2  carnival attractions.  We have made several changes to the manor, and new additions to the forest.  Come see what we've done starting Friday Sept. 14th 2018

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