1. What is the minimum age to go through the Manor, and Forest?

     We don't have an set age requirement, we leave it to the discretion of the parent.

2.  Do you have family discounts, or kids rates?


3.  How many people do I have to have to get a group rate?

      At least 20

4.  How do I get to work here?

      We have auditions for actors in July and August.  We do accept volunteers 

       Throughout the season.  Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for                     auditons for our 2018 season to be announced.

5.  Are you open tonight?

      ​No.  Closed for the season

6.   If I get there at 10:30 can I still go thru both the forest and the manor?

      We stop selling tickets at 11pm on Thursday and Sunday, and midnight on Friday

      And Saturday, however, we do not close the Manor or the Forest until every

      Victim gets to go thru.