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​  Do you love Halloween and haunted houses? Do you want to join an amazing, energetic and   creative acting team? Then come to one of our acting auditions!

                                          2018 Auditions


​  Open Auditons

  2018 audition dates 

​July 8th 3 to 7pm

​  Download the character profiles for each attraction below, and come prepared knowing the types of characters we are looking for.

Audition FAQ’s

Q: What do I need to bring? 

A: You will need job application information such as an ID, SS#, previous haunt employer information/experience, and your availability during September and October. Costuming, if you have any that would fit into our character profiles; or if you want to bring something just to show your creative-side, if you’re interested in building your own for your character. A water bottle is recommended.  Make-up artists should also bring a portfolio/samples of their work.

Q. What do I need to wear?

A. We advise you wear comfortable clothes.

Q. What will I need to do?

A. Actors will fill out an application, calendar of availability and be called in to audition. Makeup artists, you will be asked to fill out an application, calendar of availability and provide examples of work/portfolio. Everyone will have their picture taken so we can attach it to their application.

Q. Do I need to be experienced?

A. Experience is helpful but not required. We may ask people to play some improv games and/or give a certain haunt scene/scenario for you to act out. We may even take you to the specific room where the character you are auditioning for will be. A good attitude and willingness to try new or different things is what is important.

Q. Do I need to be there the whole time?

A. No. You may show up at any point during the audition times. The auditions are first come, first serve. The length of time you will need to wait to be called in to audition depends on how many other people are there at the time you come.

Q. How old do I need to be?

A. You must be at least 16 to apply. Positions and pay rate will be determined at auditions.

Q. What is the time commitment if I am hired?

A. Call time is at 5:00pm every day we are open. At the audition, you will fill out a calendar and then are contracted to work the days you selected. There are also scheduled training and safety days that you will be required to attend. To see what days the haunted house will be open this season, visit the calendar on our website (this will also be provided at auditions).

Q. What if I can’t be there by 5:00 pm?

A. Some exceptions including work and school are fine but will need to be noted in your contract, and discussed prior.

Q. Do I need to attend the safety training days and acting classes?

A. Yes. The acting classes and rehearsal days prepare you to be ready on opening day. Safety training days cover all the information you need to keep yourself, your cast mates and the audience safe.

Q: What is the audition process like? 

A: When you show up we’ll have you fill out an application, then walk you through what we do here and what we’re looking for. After that we’ll give you a scenario/bring you to a scene and have you show us how you’d scare in the haunted house.